Colleen Ann Strawhacker

Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado, Boulder

Strawhacker’s research focuses on long-term, multi-scale strategies that people in the past implemented in response to climate change. To enable this type of broad scale, interdisciplinary research, Strawhacker leads large, international, collaborative teams of researchers and data managers to build capacity for cyberinfrastructure for the Arctic, focusing on the unique nuances of Indigenous Knowledge and social science data. She created and leads the DataARC project, which links archaeology, climate science, and the humanities to address the long-term human ecodynamics of the North Atlantic. In addition to her work on DataARC, she serves as co-Principal Investigator of the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge in the Arctic (ELOKA), which supports Arctic communities in the creation of products that facilitate the sharing and visualization of local observations and Indigenous Knowledge.