Alice Rogoff Rubenstein

Publisher and owner of Alaska Dispatch Publishing

Ms. Rogoff is Publisher and owner of Alaska Dispatch Publishing, which
produces the statewide daily newspaper and the digital
“”. The company has also just launched
“, “covering the circumpolar Arctic. She has organized
several Alaskan Arctic policy summits and co-founded the
“”, with former President Grimsson of Iceland.
In 2002, she Co–founded and became Chairman of the Alaska
Native Arts Foundation. In 2008, Ms. Rogoff also founded the
Alaska House NY, a non-profit “virtual embassy” which undertook
to promote understanding of the economic issues and
opportunities facing the State.

From 1985 to 1997, Ms. Rogoff was Chief Financial Officer of U.S
News and World Report. Prior to that she was managing director
of G. William Miller and Co., a Washington D.C investment
management firm. She also worked at The Washington Post
Company as assistant to publisher Donald Graham. Ms. Rogoff
was the creator of the “National Weekly Edition” of The
Washington Post.

From 1978 to l980, Ms.Rogoff served in the Administration of
President Jimmy Carter as Special Assistant to the Director of the
US Office of Management and Budget.
Other business activities have included: Chairman of the Board of
Scene7, a digital imaging software company; founding of The
Artist Impressions, a company which licenses original works of art
for interior design uses.
Other commitments have included: Trustee of the Carter Center
in Atlanta, Georgia; member, Council of the National Museum of
the American Indian; member, National Geographic Society’s
Council of Advisors; former Trustee and Treasurer, The National
Symphony Orchestra. She has also served on the boards of,
among others, The Potomac School, The National Child Research
Center, and the Center for Excellence in Government. She holds
an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Alice is married to David M. Rubenstein, and they have three
grown children. She resides in Anchorage, Alaska and enjoys
Piloting her Cessna 206.